The new year is a great time to set yourself a new goal. We recommend to keep it simple and ensure it’s realistic.

Here are ten ideas for you to try – these were all suggested by teens for other young people but anyone could benefit from these mood-boosting ideas!

1. Learn to Cook A Nice Meal – it doesn’t have to be too challenging. Pick something you enjoy then you can try to cook it regularly for your friends and family.

2. Take Care of Your Skin – set yourself a simple skincare routine. This is a great form of selfcare to help you feel better.

3. Get More Sleep – set yourself a sleep goal of at least eight hours, and try to put your mobile away and turn the lights to improve your quality of sleep.

4. Get Out in Nature More – try walking a scenic route to school if you can or find a nice spot you can go to at the weekends. There a loads of green spaces in the area to explore!

5. Join a New Club or Activity – check out all the free activities available in the area on the Inner City Youth Collective calendar here!

6. Contact a Friend You’ve Lost Touch With – if you’ve moved schools or lost contact due to the pandemic, drop one of our old mates a text or give them a call. The new year is a great excuse for a catch up!

7. Tidy Your Room – you can set aside a few hours to get things sorted or just do a bit each day. Set yourself a simple goal like making your bed every morning or pick a day of the week to make sure everything is in order. Clear space, clear mind!

8. Spend More Time with Your Family – quality time with your family is really important. Find a game or movie you can all enjoy together or sit down to a family meal – remember to put your phone away so you don’t get distracted! You could also try inviting a sibling to do an activity with you or pop round to see your extended family like uncles, aunties or grandparents if they’re nearby – if not then give them a call. They will definitely appreciate you keeping in touch.

9. Take a Break from Social Media – give yourself a whole social media free day or just put your phone away for a few hours to reduce your screen time. You can even do it gradually if you find it difficult – try fifteen-minute blocks at first then half an hour the next day and work your way up.

10. Come Along to a Full Circle Session – we’re based Docklands Community Centre and run activities each week. There’s a music studio to create and enjoy music in run by ACE, a sports hall to play basketball, football and other sports in, a kitchen to improve your cookery skills, and a lounge to chill out in and play games. You can also chat to our friendly team who can help you to achieve whichever goals you’ve set for yourself.

Remember, whatever you choose as your New Year’s Resolution, don’t be too hard on yourself! This extra bit of motivation may work out great, but if it doesn’t then it’s not the end of the world. You can reassess at any point and make adjustments to make your goal more achievable.


🗣 If you need support in achieving your goals then Full Circle Youth Services are here for you! Pop down to a session and chat to our team.

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