This session combined cultural history and life skills with the creative outcome of hand crafted gift bags!

This week our Olderz learnt about the history of Madras fabric in the Caribbean and how it’s used. We looked at some costume designs and had a selection of fabrics to work with – the young people were inspired by the vibrant colours and found the fabric really tactile and fun to drape.

“It feels really nice and soft – you could wear it as a scarf.”

– Young Person aged 12

Life Skills

This session was combined with some life skill in the form of ironing! Many of the participants actually enjoyed the ironing process and we were really impressed with how carefully they did it.

“This is fun! I’m definitely going to do this again -–I love it!”

– Young Person aged 13

The young people did a fantastic job of crafting these cool bags as gifts for Christmas 🎁 What do you think?

What Next?

We’re planning to expand on these skills to create some more ambitious projects – watch this space! 👀

Would you like to learn some new skills in a fun and welcoming environment? If you’re 12-16 then head down to our Olderz session at Docklands from 6.30-8.30pm every Wednesday!

Did you know?

‘The fabric originated in the Southeast region of India called Madras by the British but later renamed as Chennai by the Indian government. It has a long history of being hand woven and made using bright colours. This is thought to have been reflective of the hot climate and foliage of the place where the fabric was made.

The Madras fabric that found its way to the Caribbean was influenced by the tartan worn by the Scottish regiments posted in the Southeast region of India during the 1800’s. Interestingly as with the Scottish clans adopting particular tartans to represent themselves, the Caribbean countries that use Madras in their national dress all use a different style and colour of Madras to represent their island.’