On Saturday 11th December 2021 Full Circle hosted its first Young Achievers Celebration to recognise the fantastic achievement of our young people over the past year.

The ceremony was attended by over 50 young people who all enjoyed a delicious meal together as well as watching some special musical performances organised by ACE.

Certificates were awarded in four categories:
Positive Participation, Young Leaders, Project Completion / Level Up and Outstanding Effort.

Rising Stars

In addition, nine special Rising Star trophies were awarded for those that have shown exceptional growth and commitment.

Young Achievers Certificate & Trophy

Examples of the special certificates and trophies that were awarded.


Shaping Our Centre

During this challenging year, our young people have shown incredible resilience. As well as contending with continued Covid restrictions and adjusting to adapted school environments, they have shown patience through the complete refurbishment of our centre. By providing us with valuable ideas and feedback they’ve helped shape the space and its revamped appearance – our stunning murals are an example of this, as they were researched and briefed by a selection of our young people during an eight-week course.

Our youth have also shown positive attitudes by welcoming several new youth workers with kindness, and have collectively grown as a youth group, showing each other care and support.

Flourishing Leadership Skills

Full Circle are delighted to have supported several young people with their leadership skills, through initiatives such as making them team leaders during cooking activities as well as encouraging them to help during holiday clubs. From providing clear concise instructions to peers through to hosting demonstrations for younger members, we’ve really seen our young leaders flourish.

Be Proud of Yourselves!

All the team at Full Circle are immensely proud of all the young people – our service benefits from the diverse perspectives, talents and experience that each individual brings to our sessions. We hope the young people also feel proud of themselves, are pleased with their achievements over the past year and enjoyed this special celebration evening in recognition of them. Well done everyone!

Images: young people receiving their awards.