Full Circle’s Youth Programme!

Full Circle is a youth and family programme, whose purpose is to provide opportunities, activities and growth within the community. Full Circle have been using Docklands Community Centre for 9 years, and took over the lease in 2015. This is a great partnership to have, as both Full Circle and Docklands are here to make a change and provide the community with support and aspiration by delivering sessions and activities. 

We have recently spoken to two attendees of Full Circle’s Summer Holiday Programme and Olderz Nite session, who told us about their experience and thoughts of Full Circle and Docklands. 16 year old Kelley has been attending the youth sessions since she was just 8 years old. She is now working in a kitchen part-time and will be joining a drama school in September. She enjoys coming to the sessions, as there isn’t making other services available like this around St. Pauls. Her favourite part of Full Circle is being able to use ACE’s music studio. She was able to compose the St. Paul’s carnival anthem in this studio! What an amazing opportunity!

When asked to describe Full Circle in 3 words, she said ‘fun, new and challenging’; this is a great example of what Full Circle has to offer. Kelley has also used some of Docklands services when she used to play fencing and other sports. She is hoping that Docklands will carry on what they’re doing, but to open it up to more young people. She enjoys the holiday programme and after school activities, and would love it to be introduced to new children who don’t get opportunities to come.

Next we spoke with 14 year old Samaria; she also has been attending Full Circle since she was about 8 years old. She attends a high school and serves food in her spare time, as well as enjoying poetry.  Her favourite part of the programme is the trips away and meeting new people. She also said that she’s benefited from the activities by being more active and creative. Samaira describes Full Circle as having lots of culture, learning and art, which can be seen within the activities and sessions. She also mentioned that she’d loved to see more children lead activities. 

Samaria has used Docklands Community Centre for other sports activities like racing over the Easter holidays. She likes how there’s a range of activities going on around the centre, not just with Full Circle. She’s hoping that now life is back to normal after the pandemic that the centre will be open for longer and provide more trips. Overall, both Kelley and Samaria have benefited from using Docklands Community Centre and Full Circle’s youth programme. It’s led them to make new friends and grow their opportunities for the future.

Bristol Breakers 

Bristol Breakers have been making great use of Docklands Community Centre. They offer free breakdancing sessions to young people and adults.⁠

Open training sessions

  • Mondays 8-10pm
  • Open to all abilities and levels
  • Ages 14+

Youth Training Sessions

  • Wednesdays 5-6pm
  • Open to all abilities and levels
  • Ages 8-11 

Stay and Play at Docklands Community Centre

We will be running a Stay and Play session for new parents at Docklands Community Centre, these are run by our Finance and Centre Admin Assistant, Indiya. The sessions aren’t just about the kids playing but also an opportunity for parents to connect with others and speak about things they might not know the answers. Indiya recently took part in a short interview so you can find out more about Stay and Play. 

Tell me a bit about yourself? 

‘My name is Indiya McCleary, I am 27 years old with a 2 & a half year old. I currently work as finance assistant at Docklands. I have lived in Bristol all my life and love living here. I enjoy making desserts and hanging out with my friends and family on the evenings and weekends.’

What is Stay and Play? 

‘Stay and play is a group I have put together with my sister at Docklands on Friday lunchtimes for mums within the area with children under 5 to come and socialise.’

Why did you decide to start Stay and Play?

‘I  decided to start stay & play as when I had my first child I felt like as she was getting older and growing, I don’t feel there was a lot of support for people who lived in Eastville or St. Pauls. There was clubs in Greenbank and other areas which I did not feel 100% confident going to, I remember going to one and all the parents was talking about weaning and I didn’t have a clue what they was on about I sat there and Googled as I probably looked like a silly mum for not knowing.’

Without this service what would you do?

‘Stick to asking my family questions or Googling things which I feel sometimes you have a better understand when someone can share there experience with you in person.’

How has Docklands as a service supported this?

‘They have supported me by allowing me to put this group together and fund it, help me advertise and help me more than I imagined with putting this together.’

How do you think this will benefit others?

‘I think others will benefit from this as they will be around people they might know who are going through the same stuff, they can have a tea and coffee while there kids play with the toys and even if they don’t want to socialise there kids can still come for a play.’

Could you have done this service without Docklands? 

‘No I don’t believe i could have to be fair, I feel like docklands is a nice central place to be and its a safe place.’

Kaiden Wilson has signed to play with Chelsea! ⚽
A massive well done and congratulations from everyone at Docklands and Full Circle! He attended Docklands Centre every week during our youngers and olders youth night. He spent all his time playing football in the sports hall and attended Full Circle trips, camps and residentials. Full Circle Trustee Angela is his grandmother. Very proud moment! Young people from the inner city can and will be a success!

Full Circle’s activities are going great!

With a range of fun activities for different age groups. 

(8-11yr olds)

(8-11yr olds)

(12 – 16 olds

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