Summer is a time of boundless energy, vivid imagination, and endless possibilities for young minds. This year, our Summer Holiday Club filled the community centre with laugher, creating a vibrant tapestry of memories, inspiration and learning for every young person involved. From Capoeira to basketball, creative art workshops to cake decorating, here’s a glimpse into the wonderful adventures that unfolded, leaving each child with a heart brimming with joy.

1. Capoeira: Dancing with History and Rhythm

Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that blends dance, acrobatics, and music, proved to be a highlight that sparked excitement and curiosity. The rhythmic beat of drums and twirls of colorful scarves turned the activity into a captivating experience. Kids embraced the chance to express themselves physically, learning graceful movements that echoed the heritage of a distant land. The smiles on their faces revealed how they adored the combination of history, rhythm, and fun.

2. Basketball: Hoops and Team Spirit

The basketball court turned into a realm of fast-paced action and camaraderie. Kids dribbled, passed, and shot hoops, discovering the thrill of teamwork and friendly competition. With every swish of the ball through the net, they celebrated not just points earned, but the friendships forged through spirited games. Basketball became more than just a sport – it became a lesson in working together and supporting one another.

3. Creative Art Workshops: Colours of Imagination

Our Creative Art workshops opened up young people’s imaginations, inviting them to paint, draw, and create to their heart’s content. From vibrant records to intricate crafts, their imagination knew no bounds. Each stroke of the brush and every scratch of the pencil allowed them to explore their creativity freely. The art workshops became a sanctuary where they could express their feelings, dreams, and stories through colours, shapes, and textures.

4. Cake Decorating: Sweet Concoctions and Delicious Delights

The artistry extended into the culinary realm as the kids embarked on a journey of cake decorating. Armed with piping bags, sprinkles, and frosting, they transformed plain cakes into delectable masterpieces. Laughter filled the air as they experimented with various designs and patterns, creating edible works of art that tasted as delightful as they looked! The joy of creating something both beautiful and delicious was etched on their faces.

5. Food Glorious Food

We provided free nutritious meals all Summer and we served up over 350 hot meals over the six weeks! The young people enjoyed veggie curries, pasta, burgers and stew chicken as well as salads and smoothies.

Here’s what some of the young people had to say about our meals:

“We had pasta bake and it was really tasty!”

– Zena, aged 9

“I would give the burger 8/10 – it was pretty good”

– Naomi, aged 10

“I like eating together with all my friends.”

– Varna, aged 11

Unique Opportunities for Growth and Connection

The children’s enthusiasm for these activities went beyond the surface. Each activity offered unique opportunities for growth and connection. Capoeira infused cultural appreciation and physical skill. Basketball nurtured teamwork and healthy competition. Creative art workshops allowed self-expression and imagination to flourish. Cake decorating combined creativity with a sense of accomplishment.

As the sun set on another unforgettable summer, the young people carry with them a treasure trove of memories. These highlights weren’t just moments in time – they were experiences that expanded their horizons, built friendships, and nurtured their passions. Our Summer Holiday Club has provided much-needed respite for local families and made the holidays a little less boring and lot more fun! We hope that the young people have developed increased confidence and learnt new skills that will last a lifetime.

👀 Family Trips: Watch this Space…

We also hosted some fantastic family trips! Watch this space for our roundup coming soon.