Project Zazi is the name for OTR Bristol’s work with young black people and young people of colour. The project supports them in exploring culture and identity and tackling issues of inequality and oppression, to strengthen their wellbeing. Team Manager, Shanade Stannard spoke to our Let’s Talk for Parents & Carers group about how they approach and deliver mental health services.

Explaining more about the project, Shanade stated, “Zazi actually means know yourself, know your strength so what we try and do is work on a strength base. I think our young people are stereotyped, have really bad experiences and people like to say a lot of negative things about our young people all the time.”

Shanade then highlighted that it’s important to shine a light on young people’s strengths, “Because they are amazing, they are wonderful and they are achieving, and will achieve wonderful things and wonderful changes within our community.”

“Our young people are amazing… they will achieve wonderful changes within our community.”

– Shanade Stannard | Project Zazi

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Let’s Talk for Parents & Carers – Monthly Meet-Ups

We hold monthly meet-ups, at Docklands Community Centre, on a Monday evening towards the end of each month – our next event is on Monday 31st January 2022 from 6-8pm, in which Kate Pugh from Families in Focus will present a talk on January Blues to Different Hues. Kate is an adult mental health specialist, so this session will explore  support and strategies for parents and carers themselves. Kate will cover aspects of mental health such as:

  • Specific support, resources and access families can get in person and online to support their wellbeing
  • Relevant cultural specific resources and agencies
  • Demystifying the stigma of emotional wellbeing

Did you know..?

7 out of 10 adults suffer or have suffered from anxiety. This is often normalised but when it affects your day-to-day living it becomes a problem – let’s explore what can be done to help?

Interested in joining Let’s Talk for Parents & Carers?

You’re welcome to come along to the next session – there’s no need to book, just turn up on the day!

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