50 faces of Youth Work

The National Youth Agency (NYA) is the leading national youth work charity in England.

As part of their 50th birthday, the NYA is celebrating the impact of great youth work by asking people a simple question: ‘what does youth work mean to you?’

A sample of the comments on their website is below:

Youth work is inspiring young minds to become great minds! It’s about challenging current norms, social expectations and societal barriers.

Youth work is saying ‘No!’ to boxes designed to keep us trapped, and ‘Yes!’ to doors that can propel us in a positive direction. Youth work is shattering unjustified prejudices and redefining who and what we are, one generation at a time. Its about having the opportunity to seriously change the future of a young persons life, today.“-Luis Lopez, Social Entrepreneur

Do you agree? Do you want to give a different view? How about writing your own perspective?

Read more comments and find out how to contribute to the NYA celebration

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50 voices: what does social enterprise mean to YOU?

Social Enterprise

“The Guardian” recently asked 50 people to explain what social enterprise means to them.

Catch the latest musings including those of Richard Branson, deputy prime minister Nick Clegg and Sophi Tranchell.

Click on each picture to read what they have to say about it.

50 voices: what does social enterprise mean to you?

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