Docklands and Full Circle are set to host a Reunion Party on Saturday 27 November 2021, bringing together a diverse range of centre alumni from across the decades.

Docklands Youth and Community Centre was first established in 1927 and has welcomed thousands of incredible characters through its doors over the years. 

The Docklands team, together with Full Circle Project which has been involved in the centre since the 1980s, hope to bring together an array of former Docklands attendees from across the decades to celebrate our diverse community and take a trip down memory lane. 

Youth Manager Charmaine Lawrence comments, “This is a fantastic opportunity to get a bunch of wonderful people together who’ve all enjoyed a shared experience in our youth services – we can’t wait to hear plenty of stories about time spent at the centre, as well as catching up with what our community is up to now.”

Inspiring Community Spirit 

Many former Docklands attendees have gone on to do amazing things in the community – from being involved in local politics and championing the needs of St Pauls and the surrounding areas to founding grassroots organisations providing opportunities to our residents, which would otherwise be challenging to access. 

We’ve also seen some incredible achievements in the arts, with actors, filmmakers, artists and musicians making waves in their respective industries, as well as some fantastic sporting champions among the centre alumni. Entrepreneurial spirit has also been a consistent theme of the Docklands network, with many small businesses being borne out of friendships and connections made at the centre, providing career prospects for many locals. 

Showing Gratitude 

Managing Director Jon Newey explains, “It’s wonderful to think that such talents were nurtured by youth activities delivered at Docklands and that, perhaps, some people were inspired by our programmes to pursue their aspirations in a whole host of fields. We hope this celebration is a fitting way to show our respect and gratitude, as well as providing a little reward for all their hard work in giving back to our community.”

Did You Attend Docklands as a Child? 

Whichever decade you attended in, be it back in the 1950s or right up to the 2000s, you will be given a warm welcome as well as some snacks, drinks and the opportunity to have a dance to some lively music!

Check out the Facebook event for more details and to confirm your attendance:

Main Image: Young people attending a session at Docklands back in February 2016.


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