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Full Circle St Pauls Project exists to provide support to a currently diverse community to enhance life opportunities and to raise aspiration through access to a wide range of services, activities and advice delivered in a holistic way. We promote social inclusion and community cohesion in all aspects of our work, with families voices and opinions to influence positive change in St Pauls and the surrounding neighbourhood.

Bristol’s new youth-led online platform is now live

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As you know Bristol is brimming with young talent and the new online platform is willing to tap into that wealth to generate even more buzz about our vibrant city.

Rife is Bristol’s new youth-led online platform written by and for young people.

Rife came out of a partnership between the Watershed and Bristol City Council’s Bristol Youth Links.

It is currently in its beta testing phase and you catch up the latest updates by visiting the website.

Rife Magazine

50 voices: what does social enterprise mean to YOU?

Social Enterprise

“The Guardian” recently asked 50 people to explain what social enterprise means to them.

Catch the latest musings including those of Richard Branson, deputy prime minister Nick Clegg and Sophi Tranchell.

Click on each picture to read what they have to say about it.

50 voices: what does social enterprise mean to you?

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Full Circle appears in Voscur’s magazine “Thrive!” April – June edition 2014

Project Manager Delroy Hibbert talks to Voscur about Full Circle’s ability
to adapt over the years while carrying on its work for the community.

Page 27 : Read more about Full Circle in Voscur

Below are some of the team at last Full Circle Director’s meeting showing off the Certificate of Appreciation for last summer’s activities awarded by BYCA (Bristol Youth & Community Action Grants Programme) and the article about our work in this month’s edition of Voscur’s magazine “Thrive!”

Full Circle

Easter Programme 2014




Bookings now open. Contact us and come to the office for the consent forms .

NOTE: The London Science Museum day trip is run by St Pauls Adventure Playground. Nathan Donaldson will be the lead worker on the day. If you have any questions and/or if you are interested in booking the trip, he can be reached at the following numbers:

M: 07807622246
T: 01179542145

All Children under 8 must be accompanied.

Read more about the Science Museum and Cadbury World to know what to expect.

Support the Malcom X Centre

MARCH 2014

FRIDAY 21st of MARCH, 6.00 pm – 10.00pm
Sisters – Inspiring positive Change (women only)

Celebrating International Women’s Day, a relaxing night of entertainment for women of Bristol, featuring special guests Cllr Hibiq Jama (guest speaker), Angie Anderson Artistic Director of Amra Productions leading Afrikan Drumming performance (original Ekome Dance Troop) and entertainment from Empress Imani (Leeds). There will be an open mic to showcase local talent and the showing of the film Betty and Coretta the wife’s of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. This is a bring and share event!

For further information or to contribute to the program
Contact: 0117 955 4497 / 0752 610 9619

THURSDAY 27 MARCH, 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm
Annual General Meeting (AGM)

With guest speaker Andrew Muhammad Aka the Investigator: speaking on the theme of Regeneration in the Black Community; exploring the progression of the Black Community in the UK, with a primary focus on the ‘ Lost Generations of our Youth’ What must we do to heal & rebuild; and stop us loosing another two or three generations?

The AGM will cover the period April 2012 – March 2013, members, residents and members of the public will be updated on the progress made by the organisation. This public event also provides trustees with another opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported the Centre’s positive moves forward during these difficult times.

For further information contact: 0117 955 4497 / 0752 610 9619

Read more about the Malcom X Centre here

St Pauls Learning and Family Centre Update

As you may be aware, the Mayor’s revised budget reinstated the subsidy for the Learning Centre for the coming financial year only – 2014/15. This is to ensure that a Community Asset Transfer process can take place, enabling an organisation, other than the local authority to run the building.

If there is an organisation that wants to take on the management of the building, the city council wants to make sure that they know what the local community wants the centre to be and do in the future.

In order to achieve this SPU have been asked to carry out a consultation to find out what people think about the centre and what it should be used for.

The consultation will include:

• A leaflet delivered to all households in St Pauls, giving information about the current situation
• A door to door survey
• An online survey
• Drop in events held at the centre
• Focus groups for communities of interest who may be missed during the survey – to ensure we reach all sections of the community

This will all start at an event on Thursday 13th March, 5-6 pm at The Learning and Family Centre.

At this meeting you will be able to find out more about Community Asset Transfer (CAT), how to get involved in the consultation, and information about an opportunity to join an advisory group. The advisory group will help to organise consultation events, will review and inform the results of the consultation and will assist the City Council in the CAT process by being part of the awarding panel.

Read more: here