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Full Circle @Docklands (formerly St Pauls Youth & Family Project and St Pauls’ Holiday Camp Project) is a Community-based resource centre for young people, children and families in St Pauls’.

It was initially set up in 1980 in response to the need to give children in the St Pauls’ area an opportunity to get away from their environment, through camping trips, and countryside events.

Over the years we have grown and changed and taken on new activities to meet the needs in our area, without losing our community-based approach.

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Our aims are:
• To increase opportunities for social and recreational activities.
• To provide social education activities enhancing well-being and health.
• To encourage participation by voicing and addressing personal and community concerns.

We try to meet these aims by:
• Working with children, focusing on learning and development through play.
• Work with young people, through individual and group work, outreach, clubs and residential sites.
• Organising community events, celebrations and family fun days.
• Delivering a programme of outings, day-trips, camps and workshops.
• Providing information, education, training and support.

We try to maximise access to our services by offering all activities free or at a low cost, and we aim to encourage family and community involvement as much as possible. We celebrate the diversity of St Paul’s and are working towards the inclusion of all groups and cultures within the local community .

Our services are provided by a team of youth and play work staff, working in partnership with community volunteers. We currently offer two nights of youth work a week, plus sports activities, a Women’s Group and a holiday activity programme.

We are a registered charity managed by a voluntary management committee.

-Please see our latest Annual Report for more about us.

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-Also available is the Trustee report for the period of 1st of April 2013 to March 2014.

-See also our Awards & Certificates recently won


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