@Docklands chosen to announce Bristol as European City of Sport 2017

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Bristol was announced last Thursday by Mayor George Ferguson as the European City of Sport for 2017.

The event took place at Docklands Youth Centre

The mayor also announced he would dedicate £5,000 from his discretionary fund to contribute towards black and minority ethnic sport groups in the city.

Besides Docklands Youth Centre, the beneficiaries will include St Judes Women’s Group, Bristol West Indies Phoenix Cricket Club and the Bristol Brothers football team.

An important theme for the year will be women and girls in sport and aims to build on the Bristol Girl campaign and various other projects encouraging more people across the city to take part in active recreation.

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The European City of Sport title is awarded by ACES Europe. Bristol is one of several European cities to be awarded the title.

“As a city we already do much to encourage people to be more active and healthy. this year of sport give us an opportunity to build on all the good things we have already achieved.”

“A population that engages in sport and is more active in everyday life will help transform our city mentally, socially and physically.”

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