Avea, Angel, Kemi & Sheraye use their entrepreneurial skills to raise funds for charity

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Saturday 17th of May 2014, the girls decided to use their baking and entrepreneurial skills to raise funds for charity as well as helping Full Circle’s very own Girls’ Club so we can expand our range of activities.

Enter Deki, a Bristol-based charity that specialises in microfinance which is an innovative way of transforming communities by lending small amounts to entrepreneurs.

The sun was shining and there were plenty of people partying that day.
Their lemon drizzle cupcakes proved so popular that Shayma and Kemi had to run home to bake more. Avea, Sheraye and Angel did a brilliant job, manning the bric-a-brac stall and tempting passers-by with their delicious blue chocolate cake. Shayma is a fantastic saleswoman and fundraiser. She was fearless in her approach to encourage people to donate to our causes.

girls club bristol youth full circle finance money services deki

Their hard work paid off. In total, over £70 was raised .
Three quarters of that has already been lent to Christine Robinson, a mother of six from South Sudan, who will use it to expand her small grocery business. This will ensure that she can pay her children’s school fees in the world’s newest country, but one of the least developed.
When Christine repays her loan, the money will be re-used to help more people in similar situations.

The rest of the money will go towards the Girls’ Club fund to explore our city. They are starting by visiting the Clifton Caves in a couple of weeks.

The event was supervised by Susannah Harlow, the Girls’ Club coordinator.

We are very proud of our girls’ efforts towards good causes and their budding entrepreneurial spirit. Congrats again and well done!

Maybe you are thinking of donating towards one or many of our projects to help our youth achieve even more?

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