Full Circle appears in Voscur’s magazine “Thrive!” April – June edition 2014

Project Manager Delroy Hibbert talks to Voscur about Full Circle’s ability
to adapt over the years while carrying on its work for the community.

Page 27 : Read more about Full Circle in Voscur

Below are some of the team at last Full Circle Director’s meeting showing off the Certificate of Appreciation for last summer’s activities awarded by BYCA (Bristol Youth & Community Action Grants Programme) and the article about our work in this month’s edition of Voscur’s magazine “Thrive!”

Full Circle

Easter Programme 2014




Bookings now open. Contact us and come to the office for the consent forms .

NOTE: The London Science Museum day trip is run by St Pauls Adventure Playground. Nathan Donaldson will be the lead worker on the day. If you have any questions and/or if you are interested in booking the trip, he can be reached at the following numbers:

M: 07807622246
T: 01179542145

All Children under 8 must be accompanied.

Read more about the Science Museum and Cadbury World to know what to expect.